Discover the Secrets Of The Holy Grail

During April of 2017, a historian named Grigor Fedan expressed the viewpoint that the Holy Grail is misunderstood. He believes that it is a metaphor for the Gospel, rather than a drinking vessel which was used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.

While his controversial views aren’t widely accepted, it’s safe to say that the Holy Grail is steeped in mystery. It continues to fascinate and to spark plenty of hot debate!

The elusive hunt for the Holy Grail was dramatized during the famous film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and there are countless references to the Holy Grail in other cinematic efforts (and in books, paintings and poems).

Today, we’d like to share some secrets of the Holy Grail…

Interesting Facts About the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is a pivotal motif in literature of the Arthurian type. A range of traditions call the Holy Grail a stone, a dish or a cup. According to legends, it is magical in terms of providing joy, or endless youthm or abundance which is infinite.

During the latter part of the 12th century, the Grail was perceived as the vessel that Jesus drank from during the Last Supper. This common perception was based on the literary work, Joseph d’Arimathie, which was penned by Robert de Boron. In time, legends of the Holy Chalice and the Holy Grail became intertwined.

Examples of other important literary works where these legends were referenced include Le Morte d’Arthurt, the Vulgate Cycle and the Post-Vulgate Cycle.

The Grail’s Origins are Mysterious

The origins of the Holy Grail have been discussed for centuries. Nowadays, nothing has changed. It has been likened to a cauldron with magical properties (like the mystical cauldrons in the myths of the Celts) and others have speculated that it has Persian origins.

As you can see, hard and reliable facts about the Holy Grail are few and far between. Literature has built up a powerful and timeless legend about the Holy Grail, which hasn’t been proved or disproved.

During the 19th century, the story of the Grail continued to evolve. Lord Tennyson crafted an Arthurian cycle, known as the Idylls of the King. Also, the Grail was likened to female genitalia in a book, The Rosicrucians, which was written in 1870, by Hargrave Jennings.

In almost every instance, the Holy Grail is revered. Less often, it is linked with the fertility of females.

An important work of art by Dante Gabriel Rossetti shows a female figure who grips the Grail with a single hand as she makes a blessing gesture with her other hand. Also, a series of murals created by Edwin Austin Abbey depicted the quest for this mystical and elusive vessel.

The Holy Grail May Be Symbolic

Whether you perceive the Holy Grail as a physical piece of matter which Jesus Christ drank from or a symbol may depend on the literature that you’ve been exposed to during your lifetime, as well as your religious views. In this sense, the Holy Grail is like a mirror who shows us who we are.

Perhaps, in the future, more secrets of the Holy Grail will be revealed…

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